Pilot Bay Films

New Short Series: The Curators

What happens behind a museum, art gallery, or aquarium? “The Curators” is a new series by Shayne Kasai that takes a look at the people who curate material for some fo the most unique exhibits in the world.

Films With The Great Highland Bagpipes

Growing up in the Kootenays as a musician was an amazing experience. As a bagpiper, I visited Japan several times, played in a miniature version of Britain and even played the GHP (Great Highland Bagpipes) on top of a mountain. Lately, I’ve been interested in exploring the idea of scoring music for other filmmakers and I wanted to carve out a slight niche for myself.

New composition: Echo Echo

So, recently I was writing some music and thought about another track I did a while back. I decided to use a similar technique on a piano solo.

The Caretakers Teaser (Nelson and Area clip)

As you may already know, I was born in a small city called Nelson BC, Canada (I live in Vancouver now). Throughout the 80s, I could see that the buildings around me were changing - as my dad had put it: “the buildings before the restoration looked like something out of a western cowboy film". But the result after many years turned the city into something beautiful. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that one of the reasons why people like to visit Nelson is because it defies what we always see in a modernistic city and offers an opportunity for us to “get away” from the sprawl. I like that.

About Pilot Bay Films

Welcome to the workspace of Pilot Bay Films. Born from long summer months fishing from a rock on the East Shore, to the long hikes in the Kootenay wilderness in search of lost and forgotten mines, these adventures have served as the inspiration for these films.

Equal part film, with equal part scoring, these films are here to tell a story and make you a part of this adventure.

What do we do? Planning / filming / editing / scoring... what ever it takes.