Films With The Great Highland Bagpipes

Growing up in the Kootenays as a musician was an amazing experience. As a bagpiper, I visited Japan several times, played in a miniature version of Britain and even played the GHP (Great Highland Bagpipes) on top of a mountain. Lately, I’ve been interested in exploring the idea of scoring music for other filmmakers and I wanted to carve out a slight niche for myself.

Bagpipes in film? Why yes, this is not all that uncommon. I wanted to list out some films that use the GHB... at least the ones that have remained in my head over the years.

Dead Poet’s Society... man I have to see this one again. The pipes are furthur along in the score

How about a Strathspey

One of my favourite films Baraka, you can hear piobaireachd mixed in with other world instruments... amazing.

And just for fun... So I Married an Axe Murderer (just for fun)

Some other notable films with the GHB: - Lawrence of Arabia - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (an actual pipe band... that counts, right?) - Highlander

My tracks, suitable for film, are now available on AudioJungle. My goal is to bring a little more authenticity with the GHB that are represented on there so you’ll hear slightly imperfect drones, proper gracenotes and double D’s. I’m going to be pushing some non-GHB tracks on there as well; most likely in the form of orchestral and piano so keep an eye out for that, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

About Pilot Bay Films

Welcome to the workspace of Pilot Bay Films. Born from long summer months fishing from a rock on the East Shore, to the long hikes in the Kootenay wilderness in search of lost and forgotten mines, these adventures have served as the inspiration for these films.

Equal part film, with equal part scoring, these films are here to tell a story and make you a part of this adventure.

What do we do? Planning / filming / editing / scoring... what ever it takes.