The Caretakers Teaser (Nelson and Area clip)

As you may already know, I was born in a small city called Nelson BC, Canada (I live in Vancouver now). Throughout the 80s, I could see that the buildings around me were changing - as my dad had put it: “the buildings before the restoration looked like something out of a western cowboy film". But the result after many years turned the city into something beautiful. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that one of the reasons why people like to visit Nelson is because it defies what we always see in a modernistic city and offers an opportunity for us to “get away” from the sprawl. I like that.

Nelson is only one story of a much larger series called “The Caretakers". We’ll visit several historical locations and introduce you to the people who are typically behind the scenes. These sites face many challenges including physical, environmental, political, and financial. We’ll witness how restoration can affect the community and bring out creative ingenuity. In an age where it is easier and cheaper to demolish a building, why restore? This is one of the questions we’ll answer.

This teaser in particular, focuses on Nelson and the surrounding area. We wanted to give you a glimpse, but in the mean time here’s a brief description of each location:

Nelson BC, Canada - a small city in the interior of BC, famous for its restored victorian style buildings and heritage homes ( You may have seen this city in a film called “Roxanne” (

Sandon BC, Canada - between New Denver and Kaslo, you’ll find a ghost town rich in prospector history. The town has been through a lot: a flood, a fire, and now their greatest threat is a creek that is eroding away at the footsteps of a beautiful brick museum (

Pilot Bay Lighthouse, Kootenay Lake, Canada - tucked away on the edge of Kootenay Lake, the lighthouse has been in existence since 1904. The community wants to see this historical structure become a symbol for history on the lake (

CPR Station, Nelson BC - at the foot of Baker Street, you’ll find a train station that is going through a restoration process. Combining modern technology and creative ingenuity, we get to see firsthand what historical restoration is like today.

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